High-tech for everyday use

For the agricultural sector

Sow high standards, reap top quality.

Robust parts – robust machines.
For working in and with nature.

Products for agricultural equipment often have to be especially robust and durable. When the harvest comes around, these machines are often in operation around the clock – and frequently in rough terrain. MS XTEC GmbH knows all of these requirements and can therefore meet the highest demands on parts quality.

In addition, we know how important it is for customers to get spare parts quickly. That is why we have designed our production specifically so that we can always be your highly flexible, fast and reliable partner.

Bild von vielen robusten Teilen, welche die MS Powertrain Technologie GmbH im Agrarsektor fertigt.
Foto eines Stützgehäuses, welches von MS Powertrain gefertigt wird.
Bild eines Gabelhalters von MS Powertrain produziert.
Bild eines Stützlagers, das von MS Powertrain gefertigt wird.


Support housing


Fork mount



Support bearing