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MS XTEC is your partner for fast and precise prototyping and series production of high-performance racing components in both solid and casting materials. Utilize our services to improve your performance by saving weight and adapting parts quickly.

Your main advantages:

  • No mass production, but collaboration and flexibility for small batches
  • Efficiency through robotic loading of production machines
  • Real-time monitoring and transparency by intelligent networking of all process steps and data

Your reliable partner and all-in-one service provider:

Our range of service:

  • High-tech: state-of-the-art technology, 3, 4, 5 axis  (1 clamping) machining and assembly - including 100% traceability
  • Innovative Strength:  comprehensive expertise of experienced specialists for prototyping and scalable series (500 - 350,000 units)
  • High Performance:  Production of a wide range of competitive high-tech and high-end products (tolerance: 0.005mm) through digitalization and automation.
  • Diversity of materials: aluminum, steel, castings, forgings, and solid materials
  • The hole range: components for a cubic machining space 800 x 800 x 800 mm and a loading capacity 0.5–50 kg

High-tech for racing

Detailaufnahme des Produkts Getriebegehäuse der MS Powertrain GmbH
Bild eines Schiebergehäuse, welches von MS Powertrain gefertigt wird.


Cylinder head:


  • complex machining
  • electromagnetic and thermal energy deburring
  • for a wide range of applications in the off-highway sector



Transmission Housing:


  • complex machining of large aluminum components
  • aluminum die casting, aluminum sand casting


Valve housings/bodies:


  • components for the engine block and transmission