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MS XTEC GmbH is an expert for small, medium and large-batch production (e.g. engine and drive technology systems and components, such as pins, axles and adjustment screws).
We offer everything you need and manufacture automotive powertrain components for leading international carmakers – for combustion engines as well as e-mobility technologies and other cutting-edge drive concepts.

We meet the high demands of the mobility sector in every way with:

  • Automotive systems and components from a single source
  • Supply straight to the conveyor belt
  • Handling of all transports and customs clearances
  • Flexible system supplier with more than 20 years of experience
  • Top production and assembly quality with complete monitoring
  • Consistent lean management
  • Security of supply and top quality
  • Maximum process networking for uniform results
  • Complete project management – from the development phase to on-time delivery
  • A perfect workflow with no interface losses
Foto von zwei Fertigungsspezialisten für Automotive bei MS Powertrain.

Modern mobility

From combustion engines and hybrid drives to fuel cells.

With our innovative solutions and global presence, we are meeting new market demands – not just on combustion engines: whether that's with lightweight construction or clean room assembly.
We ensure that our automotive components meet the highest standards. One part of that is that all production steps take place in-house and are complemented by state-of-the-art measuring and test concepts.

Herstellung eines Produkts in der Produktwelt Automotive von MS Powertrain.

Did you know?

The products of MS XTEC GmbH have proven themselves millions of times – in part because we meet the highest standards and can guarantee quality with our complete monitoring.

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Some of the products we manufacture:


  • External disk support
  • Gearbox housings
  • Valve housings
  • Valve bodies
  • Thin-walled aluminum housings for hybrid technology


Detailaufnahme des Produkts Getriebegehäuse der MS Powertrain GmbH
Nahaufnahme einer Hybridglocke, welche von MS Powertrain gefertigt wird.
Bild eines Schiebergehäuse, welches von MS Powertrain gefertigt wird.
Bild vom Produkt Lamellen, das MS Powertrain fertigt.

Passenger vehicles

Gearbox housings


  • Complex machining of large aluminum components
  • For pick-ups and special off-road vehicles
  • Aluminum die casting, aluminum sand casting
  • Series production volume: 350,000 annually

Passenger vehicles

Hybrid ferrule


  • For transmissions with integrated hybrid component
  • Series production volume: 30,000 annually


Passenger vehicles

Valve housings/bodies


  • Passenger car transmissions
  • Series production volume: 30,000 annually


Passenger vehicles

Disk supports


  • Machining and assembly of rotationally symmetric aluminum and steel components
  • Series production volume: 200,000