Robust, consistently high quality.

For leisure mobility

Full speed ahead.

Rapid progress.
Thanks to great flexibility.

The leisure mobility sector comprises many products and keeps changing – not just in terms of technical products or product designs but also with regard to the latest trends.

We meet these many demands with great flexibility and a strongly digitized production. That offers you the advantage of short reaction times. For example, we can quickly build precise, series-produced parts for new product designs, product lines and even completely new types of  leisure vehicles .


Did you know?

We know mobility: We have been manufacturing products for the automotive and commercial vehicles sector for years – and MS components are also installed in most trains.

Originalaufnahme aus der Fertigung für Freizeit Mobilität bei der MS Powertrain Technologie GmbH.

Individuality experts.

MS XTEC GmbH is always guided by specific customer requirements. Using our digital process landscape, we react quickly and design our offer and technology portfolio accordingly. We manufacture robust precision parts for you, including for:

  • Motorcycles
  • E-scooters
  • Quads
  • and many more
Bild eines Übertragungselements, welches MS Powertrain fertigt.
Aufnahme eines Verteilergehäuses, welches MS Powertrain fertigt.

Leisure mobility

Mechanical transmission element


  • Outstanding variety
  • For off-highway, stationary applications and gas engines
  • Series production volume: 30,000 annually

Leisure mobility

Distributer housings


  • Valve bridge with integrated engine brake
  • For a wide range of commercial vehicles as well as for off-highway
  • Series production volume: 120,000 annually