Modern, value-based management.

Sustainable commitment to the environment.

The future involves each one of us.

Less CO2. Is more.

Sustainability can be enshrined quickly enough in a set of corporate objectives – but that is not really the issue here. Instead, the aim has to be to achieve long-term objectives and never to lose sight of those objectives in the process. Which is precisely what MS XTEC GmbH is doing:

  • Avoidance of waste
  • Resource conservation
  • Energy saving
  • Prevention of emissions
  • Protection of biological diversity
  • and a great deal more

In addition, we examine our operational procedures on a regular basis in relation to the scope for making ecological or economic improvements, we pursue a comprehensive energy and environment management policy and we are continuously building upon our commitment.



electricity generated per year by photovoltaic systems



up until 2045

Multi-faceted commitment to a single cause: The future.

Our energy and environmental policy

The team at MS XTEC GmbH pursues the objective of protecting our environment right across all processes. To accomplish this, we foster the efficient use of resources and we commit ourselves across many areas. As part of our environmental and energy management efforts, we prioritize the following points, today already integrated in our operational procedures through a few projects:

Icon zur Abfallvermeidung bei MS Powertrain.

Avoiding waste

We have developed a comprehensive set of guidelines that specifies how our suppliers have to treat raw materials and how materials can be packaged. That not only reduces our own waste but also that of our partners.

Icon zur Ressourcenschonung bei MS Powertrain.

Preserving resources

One of the many facets of our production is that we are compressing the chips that are a byproduct of our production. That allows us to recover oil, which can be used for other production processes.

Icon zur Energieeinsparung bei MS Powertrain.

Saving energy

The better a high-tech production works, the more efficient it is. For example, we check our equipment for compressed air leaks and, by plugging them, prevent generators from running continuously.

Icon zur Vermeidung von Emissionen durch MS Powertrain.

Reducing emissions

In addition to steps we take during the production process, we are also employing additional optimization potentials when it comes to reducing our CO2output. For example, we avoid many trips between warehouses by bundling our logistics areas at one location.

Icon zur biologischen Vielfalt bei MS Powertrain.

Protecting biodiversity

Human beings are not alone on our planet, and we can only survive in functioning ecosystems. Bees play an important role in this regard. We help them as part of our "MS X BEES" project.

Continuous commitment

To MS XTEC GmbH, sustainability primarily means being proactive at all times. That is why we keep expanding our range of measures we take while always keeping an eye on ensuring their effectiveness. We will gladly show you in person how successful we are in this area.

Icon für Photovoltaik bei MS Powertrain.

Photovoltaic system

The production building of MS XTEC GmbH features a huge photovoltaic system that produces 1.6 MW: That's enough to power 460 households annually.

Positive green S rating

MS XTEC is SAQ-certified

SAQ, a globally renowned sustainability standard in the automotive sector is used by global OEMs as well as by many Tier-1 and Sub-Tier automotive companies. Around the world, it is applicable to all vendors in the automotive supply chain including procurement, production, logistics, assembly and retail.

SAQ is in line with global automotive sustainability guidelines. It focuses on improving sustainability performance in the supply chain. It does this by assessing policies and practices in the areas of human rights and environmental sustainability, occupational health and safety, business ethics and compliance, and responsible supplier management.

SAQ 5.0 – Ensuring due diligence

SAQ 5.0 is created and updated by Drive Sustainability. This Supplier Assurance Platform ensures that SAQ is always kept up to date, and that the very latest version of it is shared with our customers. This enables our customers to call up our results whenever they wish, and to do so in real-time.

MS XTEC can be proud of its positive green S rating in SAQ 5.0. As a dependable partner in relation to sustainability, MS XTEC pursues a proactive approach to adopt ecological and social responsibility. Our efforts aim to develop and implement sustainable business practices that respect and also support the environment and the wider community.