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It is said that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. At MS XTEC, we like this image and believe that it can also be applied to work: A company that wants to offer "next level" high-tech and services also has to offer its team "next level" benefits. We have listed some of these benefits for you and, if you want to find out more, would be happy to talk to you about why it would be especially beneficial for you to become part of the team of MS XTEC GmbH.

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Health management

The health of our employees is the basis for our team's success. That is just one of the reasons why we promote their health and offer various health-related measures and benefits , such as free water, fresh fruit and free services from the company physician.

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Retirement benefits – the MS pension+

We assist our employees in planning for their retirement – your advantages:

  • a large additional pension that doesn't take up a lot of your salary.
  • You save on taxes and social security payments.
  • Our employer contribution goes above and beyond the legal requirements .
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We are offering our employees a wide range of events and opportunities to get involved. Whether it's a fun summer party for the entire family, a Health Day with free check-ups or an internal product fair in order to keep our employees up to date, everybody is invited to participate.

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Recruitment bonus

Recruit new team members and get a bonus of €1,200 if the person you recommend is hired.

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Further training

We foster and challenge our employees and offer them various advanced training opportunities, such as external seminars or in-house workshops. We also offer individual support, for example for employees earning a Masters degree or a BBA parallel to work.

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Voluntary social benefits

We express our gratitude to our faithful employees for their dedication and loyalty with an annual anniversary celebration and a bonus. In addition, all team members receive extra vacation days for family events (e.g. birth of a child or weddings).

Icon zu den Einkaufsvorteilen bei namenhaften Marken, die jeder Mitarbeiter bei MS Powertrain genießt.


Shopping discounts

Attractive discounts for brand-name products and other shopping benefits await you, such as tickets for various events, when purchasing gas for your own vehicle or by getting your own insurance.

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We offer employees the opportunity of leasing an e-bike. It is also possible to lease mountain bikes, racing bikes or others. In addition to enjoying a tax benefit, we offer a monthly subsidy of €5.

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Ideas management

Making our company better together. Our corporate suggestion system allows you to play an active role. And, if your idea is implemented, you can receive up to €4,000.

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Professional benefits

Flexibility and flat hierarchies that make exciting career paths possible characterize the team of MS XTEC. Take advantage of:

  • Many advancement opportunities
  • Flexible hours and much more
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Through our partner Hofmann-Menü, we offer  diverse menus that you can select "à la carte." The menus can be ordered online and employees receive them during their lunch break. The employer contributes €0.5 to each menu. That allows the entire team to benefit from a great price/performance ratio.

By the way: Our benefits are certified great!

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